Yellow Vest Protesters Face Arrogance Among ‘Pro-Fuel’ Elite Celebrities

The Yellow Vest protesters in Paris, France have been adamantly raising awareness each weekend since November 17, 2018. Although President Macron backed down on the gas tax after the mass rage, which was a measure to fund climate change initiates, the celebrity elite are speaking out to sue the French government over removing the tax in an effort to combat climate change.

This all sounds well and good for those with higher-than-average incomes, but what about the working class who can hardly make ends meet? I won’t call them ‘middle class’ because that has pretty much disappeared worldwide. There are holes in the thinking patterns of these upperclass elites. Perhaps they need to consider the human aspect, which is tied in to climate change too.

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Christopher Nawojczyk is a statesman of U.S. constitutional law and a liberty advocate for the principles and ideologies of the early American founding. He served in the US Marine Corps for six years as both enlisted and commissioned officer. Chris seeks to earn his JD to further promote the ideals of Liberty and Self-Governance for all American people.

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