Amazon Pays Less Tax and CEO Jeff Bezos Earns $11.5 Million per Hour

Amazon’s CEO Jeff Bezos earns $11.5 million dollars an hour. I’m not opposed to capitalism and large earnings among CEOs, but when hearing about the multibillion dollar tax breaks the company received in NY upon moving their offices, as well as the criticisms from President Trump about how Amazon takes advantage of the US Postal Service—I am fed up with this corporation plundering economic diversity. It’s time for a boycott.

Only individuals can solve the problem of corporate monopolies by voting with their dollars. I never advocate for state intervention. Let private companies rise and fall, succeed and fail—this is the dynamic of capitalism. If you don’t compete to make your products or services better, someone else will.

Fascism at Work

Amazon paid little federal income tax in 2017. What is this? It’s called fascism: when government power merges with the private sector. Don’t people care about morality? Apparently not enough because they are either ignorant of what is happening or apathetic about doing anything. This is wrong and it needs to stop.

Amazon’s actions in the marketplace are not capitalism, but fascism. Truly abhorrent! #CommonSense #ConsciousCapitalism  #BoycottAmazon

The only way to thwart such ruthless, immoral corporations like this is an uprising by the People. Passing more laws via Congress won’t solve the underlying problems, but will rather put greater restrictions on freedom. Free market capitalism is a system that regulates itself—through ethics, morality, and self government. Only individuals can turn against such monopolizing powers by voting with their dollars and their actions.

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